What if I register for the season and my daughter/son doesn’t like it?  

The Academy acknowledges that dance is a unique art form and is not suited to everyone.  Also, not every student is suited to every dance form.  With that in mind, the student has a period of a maximum two months (or 7 classes) after registration in which to either transfer to a different class or completely withdraw from the program, (with a small penalty).  There is a cancellation clause that is clearly outlines our refund policy on our contract and waiver form.

      What does everyone wear?  

 We observe a dress code at the Academy, and everyone must wear proper dance attire and shoes.  Not only does this eliminate fashion “competition”, it also ensures the safety and well-being of everyone in the class.  The teacher is also able to make corrections, check proper body placement, and her eye is not distracted from the dancer’s proper line.  More information is available that outlines our guidelines (colours, etc) for each class and level.

      How many students are in the class?   

We limit the amount of students to 16 in each class.  This allows the teacher the proper amount of time with each child, and gives everyone enough room to move!   In our Early Childhood Program, in addition to the instructor, we also have a minimum of 1 to 2 Student Assistants that help in the class.

     Can I watch the class?

 We do not allow parents or friends to observe the classes as it causes distraction and (sometimes) confusion for the students.   We strive to create the best learning environment for our students, and sometimes students may not participate or take “chances” with the fear of looking silly in front of people.  We have special times for parents to observe throughout the year; we know how important it is for you to know what is going on!  On a similar note, you are more than welcome to stay; we have a cozy waiting room where you can hear everything that goes on in the classroom.

     What should I consider when choosing a dance school?

In Canada, anyone can hang up a sign and open a dance studio as there are no regulations for a person to be “trained” in order to call themselves a dance teacher.   As with any profession, there are good schools/teachers, and some not-so-good ones.  The following are only guidelines;  and always use your common sense.  

CONSIDERATIONS:   (1) Look for teaching credentials, with a recognized school or association.  Also keep in mind that the ability to dance/perform brilliantly is different from the skills that make a great teacher; the ability to analyze, to break down steps, to explain, and to inspire. (2) The attitude of the school should exude a disciplined and serious but cheerful atmosphere.  (3) The facilities will vary (of course), but most importantly, the dance floor should be “sprung”, to avoid injury to the dancer.  In a perfect facility, there are mirrors, high ceilings, a large open space, and is light and airy.  (4) The teacher should not be forcing “turnout” (the rotation of the leg in the hip socket) in the students, nor allowing students to go “on pointe” unless they are the proper age and at an appropriate level of training.  (5) There should be an overall emphasis on proper health and safety.  (6) Make sure the teacher uses a progressive syllabus, with similar abilities in the  class.   Although there are differing opinions in the dance world, most reputable schools will not allow young children (under 7) into jazz or hip hop classes due to the stress they put on little undeveloped bodies and muscles.  (7) Performing opportunities are valuable, but beware if too much “competition” is emphasized...too much rehearsing for competitions can distract from building solid technique.  (8) Do not choose a dance school just because it is close, convenient, or cheap.  Do your homework, and make sure your child’s first dance experience is a wonderful one!    And finally, remember:  A good school and teacher improves your body and your self-esteem; nurturing the student, and instilling a love and enjoyment of dance.  

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